Luxury Villa Tips to Make the Most of your Holiday

Poolside at Villa Anam, Bali, image Villa Finders

… This post has been brought to you by Villa Finder … When I think about going on holidays with friends some of my best memories involve sharing a villa. Don’t get me wrong I’m rather partial to a luxury hotel or three, but if there’s a few of you travelling together not only canRead More

Seven Great Australian Road Trips Worth Hitting the Road For

Take a road trip into the heart of Australia

Australia is such a big country that it’s much faster to take to the skies than get behind the wheel of a car. But it’s so beautiful that there’s a lot to be said for hitting the road if you have the time to soak up the scenery between hot spots. Depending on the kindRead More

Great Street Photography Tips for Your Travels

Great street photography makes use of the light, image Max Therry

… This is a guest post by Max Therry of Photo Geeky … From street photography to landscapes, when you’re traveling you want to be able to take the best photographs that you can, so you can look back on the special moments you had and share them with your friends and family. If youRead More

Five Top Tips for Avoiding Travel Scams in Europe

Avoid travel scams in Europe by always knowing where your bag is, image Porapak Apichodilok

… This post has been brought to you by Southern Cross Travel Insurance … I’ll never forget the first time I realised sweet looking people may not be so sweet when I was travelling through Europe. I was in a crowded store in Barcelona and my handbag was hanging loose as I used both handsRead More

Staying in the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s new Tower Wing

Arriving at the Shangri-La Singapore always feels special, image courtesy Shangri-La hotels

When you’re an Australian heading off on a long haul trip you can go one of two ways. There’s the ‘let’s knock this over in one 24 hour or more marathon’ approach, which has been my usual style over the years, and the ‘let’s break these crazy flights up with a short stopover’ concept whichRead More

Felix Boutique Sydney Airport Hotel brings the Fab and the Funk

Felix Hotel Sydney Airport penthouse, image courtesy Felix Hotel

Last week I had one of those days that went from ‘damnit!’ to ‘well this is kinda fabulous’ very quickly. It started not so well when my flight home from Sydney after the Mardi Gras 40th anniversary was cancelled and I realised I’d have to spend the night in an airport hotel. The queue forRead More

Hanging with Wilson on Castaway Island, Fiji

Hanging with Wilson the Castaway movie volleyball at the Castaway Island resort, Fiji

I’ve been surprised to find myself on a tiny island in the middle of paradise with a celebrity a couple of times. As I shared in Escape, there was that time Leonardo DiCaprio turned up at Finolhu in the Maldives, and we ended up splashing around on the same tiny beach and then rubbing elbowsRead More

Alan Maxwell, Guinness Storehouse Tour Guide: Ten Questions

Guinness Storehouse tour guide Alan Maxwell, image courtesy Ronan Lang

It took a lot of years and a lot of people telling me I should visit the Guinness Storehouse when I was in Dublin before I finally made it through those doors. And as soon as I did I was kicking myself that I hadn’t done it on earlier trips. The most popular tourist attractionRead More