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Adventures All Around, a travel blog by Amanda Woods

Well hello there,

I’d like to thank your curiosity for clicking on the About Page and start off with a little confession.

I am not a hard core adventurer. If you have come here hoping to find tips on wing suit flying or solo trekking across Antarctica then I’m afraid this isn’t the place for you.

But if you have a sense of adventure in life, if you like exploring and traveling to new places and experiencing things you’ve always dreamed of then we do have a lot in common.

To let you know a little bit about me: I’m an Aussie girl who grew up on a remote farm (think using a generator for power and playing with baby kangaroos, yes really), then went off to university to study journalism, got a job on the biggest radio show in the country, moved to London and worked at the BBC, and spent as much time as possible travelling through Europe and beyond.

Today I’m back living in the Australian countryside and am a travel writer who has been published in Escape, Mindfood, The Points Guy, Australian Traveller, The Telegraph (UK) and more.

And this website that you’ve stumbled upon?

This is my chance to share tales and travel tips from around the world. To give you the inspiration and the information you need to go out and have some amazing adventures of your own.

I share a mix of destination stories, such as what it’s like to go to Antarctica

Sending a postcard from the Penguin Post Office at Port Lockroy, Antarctica

I have a special section for airline, hotel, trains and cruise reviews including flying Singapore Airlines Suites (something I did after much careful saving of all my credit card and frequent flyer points, no way I could normally afford to fly that way!)

Suite life on Singapore Airlines

I share travel tips such as five things NOT to do when you pack for a trip and some top things to do in Sydney on a rainy day.

Having a Priscilla moment at Sydney's Madame Tussauds

And I also have an interview section where I ask interesting people I meet on my travels the same ten questions.

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And I’d love to hear from you, whether you’d like to share a travel tale or tip of your own or have a question for me.

You can comment on a story, or send me an email through the contact box on this page.

Here’s to adventures big and small in life, and happy travels!


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