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Romantic Gifts for your Travel Lover

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So you want to find a romantic gift that the travel lover in your life will love, but you’ve wandered aimlessly around endless shops and have come out empty handed?

Thank goodness we have the interwebs to help us find an incredible array of handmade, vintage and crafty items from independent sellers around the world.

Here are some of my favourite romantic gifts to be found on Etsy and beyond…

Your Own Departures (to Romance) Board

Shared some memorable travels together? How about creating your own romantic departures board?

Of course, this one doesn’t move and make that great clackety-clack clacking sound that the real old school ones do.

This one is a print but it’s still looking great to me.

Printed personalized airport flight

And if things go really well with the romance and you bring a new arrival into the world, they also have Arrivals Boards with dates, times and locations of babies’ births.

Retro Poster of Your Special Holiday Destination

Another one for your walls – a retro print of that place you fell in love / rekindled your romance / had a really good night that time.

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This Flamsbana poster is from Emu Designs, and while she mostly does Scandinavian travel posters she can occasionally do custom designs of other places.

So if you love her work too and have another place in mind drop her a line and she may be able to work her magic.

EmuDesign Flamsbana railway poster Etsy

You can also create your own travel poster with a special message for your partner through PosterMyWall. They have a huge library of travel poster templates and an easy to use online editing system so you can make it your own. While travel agents and other businesses could be best signing up for the premium plan, they also have a free plan where you can get free social media size downloads of your designs and pay for high-res downloads only. And you can make your partner’s favourite romantic gifts with one of a kind personalised products through Canva.

Travel candles for your goddess

If your lover has a few candles and crystals around their house then do I have a travel candle for you.

These Moonlight Rituals candles are hand poured in small batches and topped with amethyst, dried camomile and lavender flowers. 100% soy wax with lead free natural cotton wicks, they smell like lavender and lemon and while this one comes in a travel tin there are also just-for-home tea light options.

Other crystal infused candles include their Cleanse and Protect candle with black tourmaline and camomile flowers, and at the top of their romantic gifts selection comes their Goddess candles with rose quartz and organic rose petals.

Travel candles with crystals and petals make romantic gifts

If you haven’t already tried travelling with candles may I suggest you pop one in your suitcase when we can travel again. Apart from bringing a warm glow to the room, familiar smells can help us sleep better in hotel rooms so you get a lovely relaxing bonus.

Luggage Tag Love

Simple and sweet, these luggage tags can be made with any message you like.

You can have the latitude and longitude of your special place, a message, a quote, whatever you think your lover would like.

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I thought the Travelling Together ones were quite sweet and like the way you can either go for a metal and leather version or a pop of colour personalised luggage tag.

Personalised Travellers Notebook

For the travel lover who loves to write about their travels: a personalised notebook.

You can either create one just for your partner, or make one that celebrates a trip you’re doing together.

Take turns recording your journey together in the same book, or if one of you loves to write while the other is all about the pictures, you can divvy up the memory capturing and also create a photo book to go with this one when you return.

Remember your great adventure and make a romantic gift at the same time with these personalised books.

Custom Made Rings

If you’ve reached the point in your romance where you want to put a ring on it, custom-made rings are a timeless and personal gift that your loved one can wear, wherever they are in the world.

For special engagement and wedding rings reach out to professional jewelers who specialize in crafting durable and memorable pieces. You can even find mens wedding bands like these featuring opal crystals, whiskey wood, guitar strings and even pieces of meteorites for a love that’s out of this world (sorry, couldn’t resist the dad joke just sitting there).

If you choose the right ring you won’t just have a piece of jewellery that will last for life, you’ll have a real conversation starter too.

Vintage Map Cufflinks

Wear your special place on your wrist.

These cufflinks are made from vintage maps and antique brass, with resin hand poured by the designer.

The folks at Brass and Chain can work with maps from all over the world, and also do necklaces, bracelets, key chains and other map creations.

BrassAndChain Vintage Map Cufflinks etsy

National Parks Map Checklist

This one is for a very particular kind of couple but I love the idea so much I’m putting it out there (and who knows, maybe they’ll be reading and surprising their loved one with one very soon).

This map shows all of the national parks in America marked with little light green trees. The fun bit is you also get dark green stickers that you put over them when you’ve visited the park.

I don’t even live in America and I want to get one of these and try to change all my trees. It may take me (quite) a bit longer, but I reckon it could be done.

They also have one with all the Canadian national parks for our Canadian friends or those who are really going for gold and want to do them all.

Travel Keepsake Box

Sometimes you come home with things from your travels that aren’t exactly worthy of being on display all the time, but they’re attached to some great memories so you just don’t want to let them go.

They’re the sorts of things that could end up forgotten in the bottom of drawers. But don’t let them fall victim to that fate. Treat them the way special holiday memories deserve to be treated and give them their own travel keepsake box.

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Postcards, concert tickets, festival wristbands, instant photos, a menu from that amazing restaurant, this is where you can put anything and everything that will help transport you back to that special trip.

And as well as having your names laser engraved on the front of the box, you can also add a secret message to the bottom. Sweet.

Personalised Compass

Sure, your lover’s smart phone has one. But it doesn’t look or feel like this.

A personalised compass to help them find their way back to you from their travels.

Personalised compasses can make great romantic gifts

Yes, I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. I bought an astrolabe before going in search of the Northern Lights though of course I had no idea how to use it and it really couldn’t help find the lights anyway.

I just thought it was magical and beautiful and I liked having it with me on that trip. It still makes me smile when I look at it at home and transports me back to that special time. It was one of those romantic gifts to myself.

And after all that talk of romance here’s a shout out to the single travelers, like me, out there at the moment. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special or something pretty too. Upside is you know you’ll love it!

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