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Ten Romantic Gifts for your Travel Lover found on Etsy

As Valentines Day approaches there will be lots of people who scoff at the Hallmark Holiday concept and say that they shouldn’t have to be romantic on that one day, but instead treat their partner with lots of love all year around.

Which sounds pretty darn good to me, because who doesn’t want to be showered with love every day?

But then there are those who like to do something special on Valentines, and those who are looking for romantic gifts at other times of the year; for birthdays, anniversaries and other secret holidays that they’re the only two people who know about.

The other day I was playing in Etsy and maybe it was because I was thinking about lurve but I kept coming across things that I thought would make great gifts for a lover who loved to travel.

And with the big V-Day approaching I wanted to share some of my favourites in case they tickled my readers’ fancy too. Let’s take a look…

The Personalised Airline Ticket Poster

I used to think that one day fate would sit me next to the man of my dreams on a flight. It does happen, after all.

Then it did happen to one of my best friends. She now has two gorgeous children and a very happy home with the man she sat next to, so I’m thinking my chances of meeting my man in exactly the same way are now reduced somewhat.

But for those who did meet the love of their lives on a plane, or for those who shared a very special holiday somewhere, I’m loving this airline ticket poster.

Addison And Lake Personalised air ticket

You just give them your flight details including your ticket number if you still have it and they whip up one of these posters.

There are a few different design options but I’m personally loving this one.

Your Own Departures (to Romance) Board

Continuing with our airline theme, how about remembering all of those special places you’ve been together with your own romantic departures board?

Of course this one doesn’t move and make that great clackety clack clacking sound that the real old school ones do.

This one is a print and it’s looking great to me.

kiacoltd Departures board

And if things go really well with the romance and you bring a new arrival into the world, they also have Arrivals Boards with dates, times and locations of babies’ births.

Retro Poster of Your Special Holiday Destination

Another one for your walls – a retro print of that place you fell in love / rekindled your romance / had a really good night that time.

These Lapland,  Flamsbana and Iceland posters are all from Emu Designs, and while she mostly does Scandinavian travel posters she can occasionally do custom designs of other places.

So if you love her work too and have another place in mind drop her a line and she may be able to work her magic.

Luggage Tag Love

Simple and sweet, these luggage tags can be made with any message you like.

You can have the latitude and longitude of your special place, a message, a quote, whatever you think your lover would like.

I thought the Travelling Together ones were quite sweet with an optional Llama or little maps of places you came from.

Altogether now, awwwwww…

Personalised Travellers Notebook

For the travel lover who loves to write: a personalised travel notebook.

As with the luggage tags you can have any message stamped into the metal plate on the notebook. You can choose the colour of the leather and it also comes in different sizes from passport size up to 22x12cm. There’s even a place to hold your cards in the back.

Aimee Handmade Notebook

Vintage Map Necklaces and Cufflinks

Your special place put into jewellery.

These necklaces and cufflinks are made from vintage maps and antique brass, with resin hand poured by the designer.

The folks at Brass and Chain can work with maps from all over the world, and also do key chains and other map creations.

Your Romance Around the World Map

Those memorable moments around the world together all laid out on your own personalised world map.

Pick your cities, or if you’d prefer to use other special places let the designers know and they’ll do their best to get the co-ordinates as close as possible.

The maps come in blue, black, grey, red or they can even do custom colours if you can give them the reference code, and you don’t have to go with Our Travels, you can call the map anything you like. Just remember it may be hung in a place relatives can see it.

kiacoltd personalised world map on Etsy

National Parks Map Checklist

This one is for a very particular kind of couple but I love the idea so much I’m putting it out there (and who knows, maybe they’ll be reading and surprising their loved one with one very soon).

This map shows all of the national parks in America marked with little light green trees. The fun bit is you also get dark green stickers that you put over them when you’ve visited the park.

I don’t even live in America and I want to get one of these and try to turn all my light green trees dark green. It may take me (quite) a bit longer, but I reckon it could be done.

They also have one with all the Canadian national parks for our Canadian friends or those who are really going for gold and want to do them all.

Flowers in a Bike Vase

Your beloved loves to ride bikes? Why bring them flowers when you can say it with flowers in a bike vase?

Yes, it’s a new concept to me too but I think it’s very sweet. And it’s so small you could take it travelling and pop it on your rental bike for a little bit of extra fancy as you pedal around.

Personalised Compass

Sure, your lover’s smart phone has one. But it doesn’t look or feel like this.

A personalised compass to help them find their way back to you from their travels.

Serendipity Traveller's Compass

Yes, I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. I bought an astrolabe before going in search of the Northern Lights though of course I had no idea how to use it and it really couldn’t help find the lights anyway.

I just thought it was magical and beautiful and I liked having it with me on that trip. It still makes me smile when I look at it at home and transports me back to that special time. It was one of those romantic gifts to myself.

And after all that talk of romance here’s a shout out to the single travellers, like me, out there at the moment. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special or something pretty on the 14th of February.

And every day that you can. Because loving ourselves definitely shouldn’t be a one day of the year thing.

This post contains some affiliate links, so if you click on a link and buy something I will get a small percentage. But don’t worry, it’s absolutely no extra cost to you and I thank you for the support.

You can find out how and why I use travel affiliate programs here.

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