A Travel Lover’s Gift Ideas for Every Budget

It’s that time of year again when people start trying to decide what to put under the tree for their loved ones.

As I clearly love to travel I’m often asked about gift ideas for other people who share my passion. While there may be some ideas in here that you’ve already thought of, I have a feeling there may be one or two new ones in the mix for you here.

I’d also love to hear about a travel present that you loved giving to that special traveller in your life so please do share your favourites in the comments too. But for now, here are a few ideas to get us started…

A Silk Pillowcase

It’s such a simple piece of luxury to travel with that doesn’t just feel good, it’s also good for both your hair and your skin.

Having had moments in some hotels where I’ve wondered just how well a pillowcase was washed or in what kind of detergent, I like knowing what my face is snuggled up against as I drift off to sleep.

Now here’s the thing, real silk is better for you than manmade, but I wasn’t sure I could tell the difference just by touch.

When I started looking for my new travelling silk pillowcase I was interested to find a woman on Etsy saying that she sends swatches of the material so that people can test it for themselves.

Because it’s a protein fibre if you burn silk it curls away from the flame, it’s self extinguishing and leaves a dark, gritty ash. It also smells like burnt hair. Fake silk is a polyester material that burns quickly, can leave hard beads rather than soft ash and has a chemical smell.

Silk pillowcase from SimplyVery on Etsy store

Of course it’s not that easy to do a test in a shop before you buy but after my gorgeous silk pillowcase from SimplyVery’s Etsy store arrived I took my little swatch into the backyard, struck a match and watched it burn a little before the flame went out leaving a dark ash and smelling like burnt hair (which was luckily not my own as I had tied it back).

Also make sure you buy something that’s either has a pattern or is anything but white so you don’t accidentally leave it behind when you leave your hotel room. Having this colourful one means it’s easy for me to spot and remember to take when I do that last sweep of a hotel room before checking out.

Get Your GoPro On

My first GoPro experience happened when I borrowed a GoPro Hero4 Black to take to Antarctica and I am oh so glad that I did. The memories that little baby helped me bring back are so special and I certainly couldn’t have captured them with my other cameras.

One of the humpback whales agreed and even blew my GoPro a little kiss. I had no idea the whale was directly beneath me until the air bubbles hit the GoPro that I was holding in the water and gave me quite the fright.

I knew that when I returned my borrowed one I’d just have to get one for myself. I was soon taking a Hero4 Silver everywhere I went, and have now upgraded to the awesome Hero7 Black.

Your travel lover already has one? Then what about some of the accessories like the Jaws Flex Clamp Mount and the GoPro Fetch dog harness for dog lovers if they have a four legged friend to help them get different kinds of shots?

Or if they already have lots of accessories the Carrying Case for GoPro could help keep all of those gadgets in one neat place.

GoPro Fetch dog harness

Share a Warm Glow with Travel Candles

Ten years ago or so I was reading some magazine or other and there was an interview with David Beckham where he said he never travelled without a scented candle. I couldn’t believe that it had never occurred to me before and since then I’ve rarely travelled without one.

There’s nothing like lighting a candle in a hotel to bring a warm glow into the room and they soon work their magic and release a smell that you love. Familiar smells can also help you sleep better in a hotel room. So that’s a sleepy bonus.

Big names like Diptyque have petite versions of their famous candles but as much as I adore the way they smell I prefer travel candles that come in tins and have lids that I can put back on before popping them in my bag.

Some companies have travel tin versions of their candles, while others only sell candles in tins like the beautiful ones from With Integrity Australia. These natural and organic soy candles use scents like Frankincense and Myrrh, and Lemongrass and Green Tea. Perfect for clearing any negative energy from previous guests in your room.

With Integrity Candles can be used as travel candles
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Treat Your Travel Lover to a Staycation

Some of the best presents are things that people would love to get for themselves but can’t quite justify spending the money on.

If your friend loves to travel chances are there’s a hotel or two in their own city that they would love to try, but when it comes to booking they end up saving their money for hotels when they’re away from home.

If they’re a Sydneysider they may like to be seduced by the sexy and stylish QT Sydney or find out what it’s like to fall asleep and wake up to the Sydney Opera House directly outside their window at the Park Hyatt.

A staycation at QT Sydney is fun for a Sydneysider who loves hotels

Londoners can spend a night in the hotel that feels more like a private members club at The Rookery where they can soak in huge clawfoot baths and crawl happily into four-poster beds, or perhaps find out what all the fuss is about at the Chiltern Firehouse.

Meanwhile with all the driving you have to do in Los Angeles at the end of the night who hasn’t wanted to just get a room after drinking at the Sky Bar at The Mondrian or partying at the Ace Hotel? Handing your friend a birthday, Christmas or any other card with a room key inside as you enjoy a night out is a winning move.

Pitch Your Designer Tent

The last time I spent the night in a tent it was at a music festival and we tied an inflatable animal to the front so we could tell it apart from all the other tents.

That would so not have been a problem if we’d had one of these tents.

I am seriously in love with the designs that Field Candy have come up with. So much so that I’m reconsidering my ‘I’m never doing a festival in a tent again’ stance.

These tents are waterproof, fire retardant, rip-proof, lightweight and breathable and UV fade resistant, which is a plus when they’re this gorgeous.

There’s loads of designs to choose from and I’m torn between whether I’d go for the Fully Booked one, the Big Top tent or the Out of a Suitcase. Loving!

Wrap Them in a Turkish Towel

Light, absorbent, quick drying and versatile, Turkish towels are more than just a towel. They can also be used as a sarong, a wrap, a picnic blanket, a blankie on a plane and more.

I fell in love with them in Turkey (funnily enough) and only wish I’d bought more from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Turkish Towels in Istanbul Grand Bazaar

If you’re not going to be in a Turkish market anytime soon you can also find them at other markets around the world and of course you can find Turkish towels online too.

Be Beach Safe

One for the beach loving traveller who wants to keep their valuables safe, the AquaVault is a personal lock box that can be attached to 95% of beach furniture. As well as to bicycles, some fences and other things.

There’s enough room for your mobiles, watches, wallets and sunnies and the safe is made of high impact ABS thermoplastic.

Of course you’d still need something to attach it to, and really bold thieves could pick up your whole beach chair and casually walk away, so it won’t work in every sandy situation. But it’s definitely a cut above the old burying your things in the sand and hoping for the best tactic.

They’ve also been embraced by some top hotels and resorts, which allow guests to use them on the beach or by the pool. Nice one.

A Travel Journal’s Charms

These days we share so much of our travels with the world through social media but there’s nothing like writing down your travel memories by hand. On paper.

Not only does it engage a different part of the brain, this is where you can share those secret thoughts that you want to keep just for you.

A friend gave me my first travel journal before I started my first big solo adventure many moons ago and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

One of my old travel journals in Ushuaia

As it’s all about the words inside any old notebook can become a travel journal, but there is something fun about having one that feels like it was made for an adventure.

Moleskine have a number of special travel editions including the Moleskine Passions Travel Journal with tabbed sections for long and short trips and adhesive labels, while the Moleskine Voyager includes a section to store printed itineraries and maps.

Cavallini travel journals use beautiful old maps and botanical plates on some of their covers and there are lots of other gorgeous ones to choose from.

So there we have it, some ideas that will hopefully provide a little inspiration for finding that special something for the travel lover in your life.

I also love to hear other ideas so if you found a great gift do share. You may just inspire my next gift (for someone else, or possibly just for myself!).

Gift Vouchers

And if you’re still not sure what to get you can always give them the gift of money to be spent on any flight or hotel they want.

Gift vouchers for flights or hotels like those from Webjet can help get a holiday underway, and as they can come in any amount from $20 to $1000 you can choose exactly how much you want to spend.

With any voucher remember to check the terms and conditions and make sure you let your friend know they need to spend the money before the expiry date, but with 12 months from the date of purchase that shouldn’t be a challenge.

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