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Seven Great Ideas for a Romantic Glamping Getaway

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There’s camping, and then there’s glamping. In a nutshell, glamping stands for ‘glamorous camping’. There’s nothing do-it-yourself about glamping – no tent to set up or fire pit to dig, and definitely no sleeping on the cold, hard ground in a sleeping bag. As a matter of fact, the word glamping was added to the dictionary in 2006 due to the popularity of luxury camping.

When it comes right down to it, glamping embraces the philosophy that you can enjoy the outdoors and commune with nature without giving up any of life’s civilized comforts. We’ve taken that a step further by creating a list of especially luxurious touches to impress your date with a romantic glamping trip.

Create a romantic glamping getaway with a few special touches

Add Colorful Pillows for a Relaxed and Festive Space

Whether you’re staying in a yurt, a treehouse or a tent, you’ll be more comfortable with lots of pillows. One of the things that makes glamping so upscale is that you get to sleep on a bed instead of the ground. Throw a bunch of bright, differently-sized pillows on the bed to make it even more comfy and appealing.

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If you have even modest sewing skills, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on beautiful pillows to decorate your glamorous accommodations. Some cheap fabric and basic sewing skills will net you envelope-style pillow covers that are quick and easy to make.

For a rest and relaxation vacation, you can’t beat having a bed full of pillows for your love to loll among. If the two of you are planning to spend time relaxing inside your romantic glamping accommodations, they’ll add to the spirit of getting away from it all. Choose the colors that your date likes best to make an even better impression!

Get Your Romantic Glamping Lighting Right

LED candles are a wonderful invention when it comes to adding ambience to a glamping trip. They come in elegant shapes and all sizes. Not only that, they use very little battery power and are cool-burning. Arrange several sizes of pillar candles on a tray that you can display on an end table, or place it in the middle of the bed for a romantic first look at your luxury accommodations.

Solar inflatable lanterns are another modern invention that can add a soft glow to your glamping abode. Reasonably priced, they’ll last forever without any maintenance because they’re solar powered. You just set them in the sun to charge, then inflate them when you’re ready to use them. They come with different color settings and, for a special effect, you can set them to cycle through all the colors.

Twinkling rope lights sprinkle romance. Image Valeria Boltneva

Traditionally, candles and soft lights mean romance. You can bring a sparkle to your date’s eyes with twinkling rope lights strung across the ceiling. Or include a potted palm tree as part of the décor and outline it with tiny clusters of string lights. These can also be used to outline the furnishings, making your tent or cabin into a sparkling wonderland.

Or for some extra glam in your glamping, create your own custom designed neon signs. You can have one made in any word or phrase you like to add a fun pop of colour to your getaway.

Bring the Tech Along

If you and your date are techno-geeks, then by all means, bring along the gadgets and toys! You can lay together on the bed and create your own movie night or light show on a portable projector or play some mood music while you read or relax.

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If you want to have a bracing morning cup of espresso bring along your camping espresso maker. That is, if you’re not already being served croissants and fresh ground Italian espresso by your glamping venue. And don’t forget your solar-powered USB charger for the cell phones and e-readers.

Going glamping is about having it all, enjoying the soothing sounds and sights of natural surroundings as well as the modern conveniences you take for granted at home.

Treat Yourself to Spa Relaxation

Bring along a hot tub for two to soak your aches and pains away, along with your cares. All you need is a collapsible tub, portable water heater and pump. Many glamping sites provide spa facilities on the premises, and some of them come with a private hot tub included. For an even more opulent glamping delight, add rose petals and floating candles to your hot tub.

A capful of scented shampoo added to the water will let you luxuriate in a hot tub covered with bubbles. To enhance the spa experience, bring along a couple of comfy terrycloth robes and several soft, thick towels for after your soak. A fluffy area rug next to the hot tub will make a great place to dry off.

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This addition is a sweet touch for a romantic date, but it’s also a wonderful option for a relaxation vacation. Add a cup of Epsom salts to the water and you’ll be able to soak away any muscle tension. A few drops of an essential oil like lavender or bergamot will add the benefit of aromatherapy to help you achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Romantic Glamping Deserves Fancy S’Mores

Most people think of s’mores when they visualize tasty camping treats. Usually, though, this involves a sharp stick and a smoky fire. In the spirit of glamping, there’s a better way to make s’mores for your magnificent adventure. Bring along a clever indoor s’mores setup that provides a heating element for melting your marshmallows and fondue forks for holding them.

Smores ideas for glamping can be indoor or outdoor, image Autumn Mott

Impress your date with a lovely tray that has compartments for graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate squares and fresh strawberries. You can even purchase square marshmallows that will fit perfectly between two graham crackers. Add a couple of decorative plates and some linen napkins, and the two of you will be enjoying your delicious treats in style.

Fancy s’mores would be the crowning touch for a romantic glamping experience that focuses on culinary delights. If your date is a foodie, fancy cheeses and pâté might be part of the dining experience, along with an excellent vintage of bubbly champagne. Delicious chocolate and marshmallow s’mores will fit right in with the other taste pleasing delights that you come up with for your date.

Create Beautiful Scented Candle Jars

Let’s be clear, these candles aren’t for inside. We want to keep this romantic glamping getaway nice and safe. Instead, they’re designed to provide light while you’re enjoying the outdoors. Made of all-natural ingredients, they smell wonderful and, as an added bonus, repel biting insects. Start with clear mason jars and some small floating candles. The ingredients inside the jars will provide the scent and bug-repelling properties.

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Show your date that you cared enough to take the time to make something that’s both beautiful and useful. Sliced citrus fruit will add color to the mix and mosquitoes hate the smell. While you’re at it, grate a few peels and scatter them around the campsite to further repel biting pests. Lightly crush sprigs of rosemary and add them to the jars, then fill them almost to the top with water.

Now that you’ve made beautiful bases for the floating candles, add any essential oils that appeal to you and insert the candles. Once they’re lit, they’ll provide a beautiful glow while keeping insects at bay. You and your date will be able to spend time outdoors without being bitten and, at the same time, breathe in the scents of herbs, citrus fruits and essential oils.

Stargazing with a Portable Telescope

There’s no better place to see the stars at night than outside away from civilization. You can treat your date to this experience with a portable camping telescope. As with other technology, telescopes have been downsized without losing any of their ability to show the stars clearly to viewers. Bring along a tripod to keep your telescope stable for the best possible experience.

Stargazing ideas for glamping with a portable telescope

Check ahead of time to find out which constellations will be available in your part of the night sky. There are lovely illustrated guides for the constellations that can be purchased online, or you can just go with an easy star gazing app like SkyView. Spread a picnic blanket out in the optimal spot for viewing the stars and enjoy a companionable stargazing session together.

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By this time, you’ll have covered all the bases when it comes to providing an incredible glamping experience for your partner. Beautiful surroundings and romantic lighting have set the mood, a soft bed and hot tub have provided relaxation, and now the stars in the night sky will provide a glorious view.

As you can see, glamping is a lot more refined than camping. It’s a way to experience the best of the outdoors in an elegant setting with all the comforts of home. While camping is about roughing it, glamping is about finding as many ways as you can to pamper yourself in a natural environment. Try these ideas on your next glamping trip, and your date will be more than impressed with your thoughtfulness and creativity.

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