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Travel Tips for Tarot Lovers: The Major Arcana Cards

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As my fellow tarot card lovers will know, sometimes we have a card that really, really wants to get our attention. It keeps on popping up in readings, it jumps when we shuffle, it’s doing everything it can to say, hey girl, we need to talk.

So when I was approached by Mary Aragon from AbcTarot with an offer to write a story about travel tips for people based on their star signs, I asked if she might be up for doing a different story. One based on the Major Arcana.

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Mary embraced the idea and I love what she’s come up with for the cards.

When it came to the images to go with the cards, I originally wanted to take photos of my favourite deck, Cocorrina’s Divine Feminine Tarot.

Cocorrina Divine Feminine Tarot Deck The Star

But as I soon discovered, the gold foil on the cards not only makes them gorgeous to work with, it also makes them really tricky to capture in a photo. I was constantly getting shadows, so decided to give you a glimpse of that deck through Cocorrina’s gorgeous photography above, then take photos of my old go to deck, The Gilded Tarot

As you’ll see with the worn corners on some of the cards, this deck and I have spent a lot of time together. They’ve traveled the world with me and so it’s actually quite fitting that they’re the ones to feature in this story.

But that’s enough from me…

Now it’s over to Mary Aragon and her look at tarot travel tips of the Major Arcana.

Tarot is pictorial cards used for divination. Its known origin dates back to mid-15th century Western Europe. One of the most famous decks is The Tarot of Marseilles, which is one of the standard patterns for the design of tarot cards. It is a pattern from which many subsequent tarot decks derive. The next best-known Tarot is the Rider-Waite deck originally published in 1909. and Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley that is widely used by occultists around the world.

I first got introduced to Tarot through my Godmother when I was six years old. She showed me the “pretty cards” that she always had with her when she came over. The first story she ever told was about the Major Arcana (22 cards out of 78) and how these cards represented the journey of life, beginning with “the Fool 0”, and ending with “the World 21”.

Tarot has both esoteric and divinatory properties. If we’re talking about the esoteric side, the Major Arcana cards can be observed like life’s levels; with each card, we’re leveling up through our life as we are learning vital lessons that we came here to do. If we are talking about divination, then Major Arcana cards play a very important role in reading as all the other cards (Minor Arcana) can be woven around the Major Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards act as focal points in the reading.

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As I grew up with the Tarot (both literally and metaphysically), I found that the Tarot can be an excellent guide through some of the more complicated and stressful times, as well as a tool that offers clarity in situations where we feel blind or confused. Tarot has helped me make more informed choices that turned out best for me in the long run. And, of course, every time I didn’t want to see or perceive the truth Tarot was offering, so go against its advice so to speak, I’d find myself hearing “I told you so” in the less pleasant outcomes.

Tarot can also be a great conduit for your psychic gifts, and it can help you enhance and sharpen your intuition and interpret both the dreams and the feels you might be getting. It’s also an amazing conduit to relay and communicate your feelings and messages you might be receiving to others.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at a scenario where you’re drawing a certain Tarot card repeatedly and what that might mean for your holiday. Considering the current situation and travel restrictions, we’ll also look at how each of the Major Arcana cards corresponds with the trips and regions, so let’s dive right in.

0 The Fool

The Fool is the card of new beginnings, new journeys, phases of life, and a leap of faith. This card corresponds with Sagittarius and Aquarius zodiac signs.

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The Fool signifies cliffs and canyons (The Great Canyon, Canyon of Moracha for example) so consider taking a road trip to those places and along the way get in tune with your inner child, ask yourself what you really desire to do and where do you want to be, but are afraid. It’s time to take a leap of faith, and these landscapes implied by the Fool card might just be the view that pushes you ‘over the edge’.

The Fool Gilded Tarot Deck

1 The Magician

The Magician is one of my favorite cards from the Major Arcana, it implies good news and something (quite) magical coming your way. It’s connected with Gemini and its ruling planet of knowledge, swiftness, and air travel – Mercury. This card doesn’t imply a specific geographic place per se, instead, it implies that wherever you go, you should turn to the elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and fuse them within yourself. It can also imply that it’s time for hiking, camping, and kayaking, immersing yourself in forests and paths that are less walked on. Take mementos from your trip – shells, rocks, sticks, seawater…

2 The High Priestess

The High Priestess is connected with the great feminine. This card corresponds with Cancer and Pisces, water signs that imply occult powers, intuition and magic work. If you’re drawing this card repeatedly it’s time to visit the matriarch of your family, to go back to your roots and spend some time charging your batteries there where you feel the safest and most loved. Spending time near peaceful water, walking barefoot, meditating, doing yoga and pranayama in nature are all recommended activities that come with this card. The West Coast of the USA, Scotland, Bahamas, Croatia and Madagascar are all great places to consider visiting when this card comes up.

The High Priestess Gilded Tarot Deck

3 The Empress

The Empress is connected with Libra and the planet of plenty – Venus. When this card comes up it’s good to take a look at your responsibilities and to take a break. The Empress is fair and just, but the burdens on her shoulders are plenty, and this card is imploring you to treat yourself as you treat others. With the Empress treating and pampering yourself are activities you should engage in, so taking first-class to your destination is a very good idea. Going on a cruise, and also visiting places where you can wine and dine like royalty is an excellent idea, too. Venice, France, Argentina, Fiji and Saint Lucia are all great places to consider.

The Empress Gilded Tarot Deck

4 The Emperor  

This card is very aristocratic, autocratic, and masculine. It’s connected with the fiery sign of leadership and new beginnings – Aries, and its ruling planet – Mars. So, when you draw this card consider going on an active retreat where you’ll get to experience survival techniques and activates. Planning a trip and overtaking the role of a trip leader is also a very good idea. Going to amusement parks, adventure islands and active retreats are all very ‘Emperor’ places. Visiting historical places is also a great idea, as the great castles of Europe or some of the royal palaces that are open for tourists.

The Emperor Gilded Tarot Deck

5 The Hierophant

If you drew this card then it’s, perhaps time to visit some of the religious sites and cities either nearby or all around the globe. This card is a message that there’s something very important waiting for you in one (or all) of these places. This card corresponds with Taurus and it points towards activities that make spirituality materialize in the 3D realm. Since Venus is a very fertile planet, this card might imply that the time has come for you to build your own altar or a temple in nature where you feel closest to your gods. Visiting Cyprus, Ireland, Cuba, Serbia, and Rhodes might be a great idea.

The Hierophant Gilded Tarot Deck

6 The Lovers

This is a great card to come up in a reading. It represents union, romance, good life, love all around and sharing. It corresponds with Gemini and Mercury. When this card comes around you should go on a romantic trip, or simply partake in romantic activities. The time has come for you to focus on your partner and your love life, but also to have fun and a lot of laughter, so you might want to consider going on a Tantra seminar, visiting Ibiza or going skydiving (with your partner, of course). Iceland, Wales, Norway, Montenegro, Sweden and Canada are all great destinations for the Lovers card.

The Lovers Gilded Tarot Deck

7 The Chariot

The time has come for that long-overdue road trip with your loved ones. This card corresponds with Cancer and the Moon; Cancer is a sign that rules family and, in this case, it’s fused with the Chariot – the card that pushes you to move, see the world and experience the adventure from the first-person point of view. You could book a sightseeing royal train tickets and enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Switzerland and Japan, but you could also pack your essentials, your loved ones and your dog (or a cat) and head for that infamous Route 66 and make memories of a lifetime.

The Chariot Gilded Tarot Deck

8 Strength

This card is connected with Leo and the Sun. It talks about the heart of gold and ruling over one’s inner nature. When this card comes up it’s time to look at your blood pressure, check your heart and let yourself go on a healing holiday. Visiting places like hot springs, spas and mountain sites that specialize in healing the body and the soul is heavily implied through this card. It’s time to spend time in the sun, in nature, in tune with yourself and in doing absolutely nothing, except healing. Places like India, Macedonia, Ecuador, Sicily, Zanzibar and Maldives come into consideration with this card.

Strength Gilded Tarot Deck

9 The Hermit

This card is connected with the sign of Virgo and its ruling planet Mercury. The Hermit implies that it’s time to take a break from the world and society and spend some (quality) time alone in the cabin, fishing, pondering, thinking, and journaling. The time has come for you to lay your sword down and to use a different kind of weapon – your pen. Writing a book that has been sitting for the longest time in the back of your mind is a perfect way to incorporate the message of this card. Also, visiting places like Switzerland, Greece, Costa Rica, Washington, and Montana.

The Hermit, Gilded Tarot Deck

10 Wheel of Fortune

Now, this is a tricky card, it represents the constant changes in fortune and the cycles of both ups and downs. It’s connected with Capricorn and Saturn – the lord of time and karma. “What goes around comes around” is the motto of this card, so you need to review your past choices and observe them from all perspectives in order to be prepared for what this card might be implying. Places such as libraries, historic sites, and museums are great to go to. Countries like Mexico, UK, Haiti, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, too.

Wheel of Fortune Gilded Tarot Deck

11 Justice

Another card that matches the symbolism of Libra. Justice implies that the time of reckoning is upon you, or you might be the one who will be serving justice over others. Either way, it’s a good time to participate in a verbal debate or a counsel where you’ll advocate for what is right, and against what is wrong. Visiting places like courts, monuments that stand as reminders against war and past crimes, and traveling via air might all be a good idea when you draw this card. If an opportunity to visit Tibet, Austria, Japan or Israel come around your corner – take it.

Justice Gilded Tarot Deck

12 The Hanged Man

It’s time to change the perspective. This card corresponds with Pisces and Neptune. It represents the moment you submerge your head under the water, when you dip into an altered state of consciousness and when your body is lying dead to the world (sleeping) while your soul is wandering the faraway places. When this card comes up it’s time to go bungee jumping, paragliding or cliff diving (with a parachute, of course). You could also visit Normandy, North Africa, Samoa, Faroe Islands, Mauritius and Tunisia. The Hanged Man urges you to pay attention to your sleep patterns and to sleep more in the coming period.

The Hanged Man Gilded Tarot Deck

13 Death

Death corresponds with Scorpio, its ruler Pluto and the Underworld. This card represents death, whether literal or metaphorical remains to be seen. When this card comes around the time for letting go of the old has come. The time of a (painful) change and reconstruction is going to ensue and there’s no escaping it. This is why it’s more productive to embrace the change that is coming and to let the oncoming pain course through you until it’s over. It’s scientifically proven that we can feel pain only for 90 seconds, everything we feel beyond that is self-inflicted so keep that in mind when this card comes up.

Death Gilded Tarot Deck

14 Temperance

This is Sagittarius’ card and it corresponds with Jupiter. This card is urging you to be more careful with your inner resources (strength, positivity, stamina, enthusiasm and will) and how you make use of them. When this card comes up, it’s time for you to check yourself before you wreck yourself; are you doing too much of something and not enough of the other thing? Do you need a vacation or do you need less procrastination? Either way, spending time with your dog, with your best friends, in nature and visiting Spain, Australia, Hungary, Barbados and Kenya could prove to be a great idea.

Temperance Gilded Tarot Deck

15 The Devil

This is another Capricorn-allotted card and it’s urging you to think carefully before finalizing any deals, whether with others or with yourself (or with esoteric entities) because the things are not as they seem at this moment. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver and don’t fall prey to your own greed or lust. On the other hand, this card might be implying that you’ve overworked yourself to the bone and that now the time has come for you to be hedonistic all the way. Considering visiting Las Vegas, Texas, Mexico City and the Bermuda Triangle.

The Devil Gilded Tarot Deck

16 The Tower

There is no way of interpreting this card in a positive manner, so just brace yourself and conjure up the courage to move on when the storm is over. This card corresponds with the destructive force of Mars, thus Aries. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid visiting places with a high risk of either a tornado or a volcano. When this card comes up, it’s time for you to prepare as best you can for the worst-case scenario and hope for the best, there’s not much more to it. Once the crisis is over and you’re rebuilt what you could, consider going to some of these places: Poland, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Germany.

The Tower Gilded Tarot Deck

17 The Star

After destruction comes hope. This is the card of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus. The Star points to the stars up in heaven, the glimmers of hope and wonder for humans for millennia. This card is reminding you of all the positive things that have come from negative occurrences, it tells you that in every bad thing that happened you’ve always come out richer for a positive lesson. Look to the stars for guidance and hope, nurture hope in your heart and go somewhere where you can see the Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way as clear as day. The night is, after all, the natural state of the cosmos, we have daylight just because we happen to be close to a nearby star.

The Star Gilded Tarot Deck

18 The Moon

This is a tricky card, it’s full of delusions, illusions and demons that spring up from our unconsciousness. It’s connected with Pisces and Neptune – the lord of illusions, smoke and dreams. This card reflects our deepest inner nature and the power of the Moon draws it to the surface. We never know what will resurface from the depths of our soul’s abyss which is why it’s best to remain calm and safe when this card makes its appearance. Wherever you go and whatever you do, do not abuse alcohol and other psychoactive substances when you’re near water. Visiting places that hold spiritual value to you is a good idea.

The Moon Gilded Tarot Deck

19 The Sun

Another card that corresponds with Leo and the Sun, only this card is the card of absolute victory, celebration and happiness. So, in accordance with the spirit of this card – go celebrate. Riding a speedboat, surfing, being ridden on a speed plane or in a chopper, experiencing ecstasy and adrenaline spike at the same time – these are all great activities to indulge in when the Sun comes up. After all, this is the card of victory and celebrating your victories (whether big or small) it’s what makes life so exciting and worthwhile. Go celebrate hard and have the time of your life.

The Sun Gilded Tarot Deck

20 Judgement

Yet another card connected with the sign of Libra. This card represents a time when paying your dues becomes an active theme in your life. This can also mean that someone who owes you big time will come through for you. Depending on the result, you might be in a positive or a negative mood. Either way, you should participate in activities that include active sightseeing and immersing in fairytale-like scenery. Visiting places that have nice architecture and beautiful forests could be a very good experience for you.

Judgement Gilded Tarot Deck

21 The World

We have come to the end of a journey, the World card is connected with the Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius signs. We have a mix of energies, the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus. Depending on what part of your journey you’re at one of these will have a deeper meaning for you. With this card, the whole world is yours – decide where you want to go the most, or where you want to go first and just take that first step towards the goal of your journey. Be brave like a Leo, be grounded like a Taurus, be fierce like a Scorpio and have vision like Aquarius, and go forth!

The World, Gilded Tarot Deck

About the author – Mary Aragon is the tarot reader behind AbcTarot. Her mission is to make the tarot understandable for everyone as a tool for reflecting and understanding our life. She uses her own words to analyze the Marseille Tarot cards and believes calmness, clarity, and optimism are important tools for looking at the future, setting goals, and moving forward along our path.

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