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Card Games on Camping Trips

The other day I read a news story about the Grey Nomads of Australia and how they love hitting the road and catching up with each other over Happy Hour.

The story made me smile as it reminded me of spending time with my parents in their Winnebago and being invited to join in those same happy hours.

For me, I loved sitting back with a glass of wine and playing cards as everyone happily chatted away.

Card Games on Camping Trips

Looking back over some photos I love this one taken in a park in Kalgoorlie, mid card game and mid glass of wine. One I took to remember one of those oh so simple but happy moments on the road.

There are so many games to play, and it’s always fun to learn a new one. My personal favourites are Bush Rummy and the frustrating but fun game of Frustration.

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There are definitely those people who love to play more than others. I’m definitely in the “can we play another game?” camp. As well as the fun of the actual game I find it’s a great way to catch up with people as you chat as you play.

And if you want to get a child’s face out of a screen for a while, a pack of Uno cards may be just the trick. Although you may find they get a bit like me when they’re hooked and won’t want to stop.

But how about you? What are some of your favourite card games when you get together with friends or family?

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  1. This post really made me smile. Sometimes between all the pretty lights and many things to do we forget that it’s the simple slow-down things that actually nourish our souls. Thanks for making me stop and think about that.

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  3. The first major camping holiday is right around the corner and many campgrounds have already been booked months in advance.

  4. Card games is one of the best games to spend holiday times! Love your post Amanda 🙂

  5. Larissa says

    Uka is another good game for two to four players.

    You can also play uno with a normal deck or two of cards just nominate the aces & picture cards as draw two ,draw four ,skip & reverse.

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