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The Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney Airport

When you don’t live too far from the airport there’s a moment of dread when you get into a taxi and tell them where you’re going.

For years I’ve faced disappointed looks and even some huffiness after telling a driver that I’m going to Surry Hills from Sydney Airport, even though at around $40 a trip it wasn’t some $10 around the corner drop off job.

But I’ll admit I did chicken out of that possible scenario after deciding to spend a night at one of the latest Sydney airport hotels.

The Adina Apartment Hotel at Sydney Airport is less than a kilometre away from the airport and a short walk from Mascot train station, so guests can easily nip into the city and back.

The CEO of TFE hotels, Rachel Argaman says as well as catering to transit and business travellers, this Adina is responding to the growing demand from local businesses in Mascot.

The 123 rooms are made up of a mix of studios and one and two bedroom apartments. I stayed in a one bedroom apartment, which meant that I had a kitchenette complete with stove, microwave, dishwasher, toaster and kettle, as well as a washing machine and dryer in case I needed to catch up on some laundry.

Knowing how close the Adina was to the airport I decided to avoid the wrath of a taxi driver by going with one of the bus shuttle services, which charged $7 to get me to my door.

Unfortunately there was some waiting around for the shuttle to get going, so if I was to do the trip again next time and didn’t have too much luggage I’d go for the train option, as the Mascot train station is 250 metres away. Well, that’s if I could swallow the Sydney Airport station access fee, which would make that single stop about $17. Maybe I would risk those daggers from the taxi drivers after all.

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When the shuttle got me to my destination, it did feel oh so simple and easy to already be checking into my hotel so close to the airport. I’d never stayed at an airport hotel in Sydney before but as I had to be back on another plane the next morning, this seemed like a good opportunity to try the experience out.

My apartment was bright and spacious, had everything I needed and more, and was nice and quiet, which considering how close it was to planes regularly taking off and landing is impressive.

I didn’t realise quite how loud the world outside was until I opened the door to my balcony. There were planes and trucks going back and forth, but they were easily blocked out by simply closing the door again.

As I stayed only a matter of weeks after they opened their doors their in house restaurant hadn’t opened yet, which meant the breakfast run involved getting out an umbrella and popping across the street.

Had I been a bit more organised I could of course have had breakfast in my room, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead so sadly my convenient toaster went untouched. Though the kettle certainly got a nice workout as I enjoyed cups of tea in bed.

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The shiny new hotel factor also meant there was a new paint smell in my room, so I did crack open my door for a little while to help air that out. But again, that’s something that fades, meaning the guests that followed me could enjoy the fresh look with the smell long gone.

As I got ready to head back to the airport the next morning it felt great to know that I didn’t have to factor in too much travelling time or worry about traffic getting out of the city.

And knowing they hadn’t waited all that time in the airport queue to get me I had no qualms about getting a taxi into the airport. And funnily enough, the driver was happy to see me.

Amanda Woods stayed as a guest of the Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney Airport but as usual all opinions remain her own.

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