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Hangar House Mudgee: The Boutique Guest House for People and Planes

Even though my friend had clearly said he had a guest house that was also an airplane hangar I still didn’t really get it.

After driving to Mudgee with my road trip buddy Peyton we’d met my friend Heath and his partner Alexey for a spot of lunch before going to Hangar House.

As we caught up over a rather tasty meal at the Robert Stein winery’s Pipeclay Pumphouse, Heath and Alexey told us how convenient it is for people who fly in because they can walk straight off the plane and into the house.

As Peyton and I both tried to get our heads around the fact that there was no airport terminal between the planes and the guest house we decided we wouldn’t really get it until we saw it for ourselves.

So we did the sensible thing and finished our meals, bought some wine and hopped in our car to follow our hosts home.

Staying At Mudgee Airport. Literally.

As we walked into Hangar House Mudgee the first thing I was struck by was how lovely it was. Downstairs we were greeted by two lounge areas, one with a fireplace, and a large dining table that can seat up to twelve.

The kitchen was nice and shiny and roomy and as well as cooking your own food you can have a private chef come and do the cooking for you. Perhaps while you’re getting a massage from the masseuse who also does Hangar House visits.

Hangar House Mudgee boutique accommodation at airport

Upstairs there are six bedrooms and suites, and they’re all rather stylish with big comfortable beds and aviation features dotted around.

After popping my bags in my room and appreciatively eyeing both the big spa bath and the kettle in my room (if you’ve been following my adventures for a while you know how much I love a good bath and a cuppa) I came back downstairs to meet the guys, opened a door and saw a plane.

Yes, we’d crossed from the house to the hangar. Here there was a plane, a pool table and bar area in a space big enough for four or five light aircraft and after walking across the hangar we were out onto the airport apron.

At which point I realised I just had to run inside, grab my GoPro and do a little video to share how that all fit together….

Whether to Fly or Drive to Hangar House Mudgee

I was so excited as I was making the video I didn’t even realise until we played it back later that I had made a really obvious mistake. There is no airline called Penguin Air and considering it is a flightless bird there is unlikely to be one.

There is an air conditioning company in the Phoenix, Arizona called Penguin Air though, as I discovered later. For a second I thought about recording it again, but as it is supposed to be a first impression walk around, and as we were laughing a bit too hard at the idea of Penguin Air I decided to leave it mistake and all.

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The bird and airline I meant to mention is Pelican Air. They fly from Sydney to Mudgee in 45 minutes and you can get flights for around $99 each way.

If you have your own plane you can fly in and keep it in the hangar so you both get a good night’s sleep.

While Heath and Alexey clearly don’t need to pick you up from the airport they can arrange to shuttle you in and out of town or to vineyards for wine tastings.

Or if you want to make a road trip of it like Peyton and I did it’s about three and a half hours drive from Sydney, and I highly recommend spending at least a night or two in the Blue Mountains while you’re at it.

Our only mistake at Hangar House was we didn’t stay long enough. Sadly we had to get back to Sydney so Peyton could get back to Ibiza and only had one night.

As short as it was, we still had enough time to visit a couple vineyards, get a taste of Mudgee’s nightlife and meet some locals.

But my favourite part of the trip was just kicking back and having a lot of laughs over some of that famous Mudgee wine in Hangar House.

Next time I have a feeling I’ll be back with more than one travel buddy. The house sleeps 14 guests and I don’t think I’ll have to try to hard to find that many friends who’d love a fun Mudgee weekend away.

Amanda Woods stayed as a guest of Hangar House but all opinions remain her own.

Amanda would also like to thank Renault Australia for letting her to take a Renault Captur on her Blue Mountains and Mudgee road trip and Peyton for being such a great road trip buddy. 

Even the dogs love staying at Hangar House Mudgee

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