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Villa Song Boutique Hotel Saigon

Villa Song Saigon Boutique Hotel Review

Recently I read a quote from a life coach who claimed most people spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do plotting their

Mekong Cruise at Sunset

Cambodia to Vietnam River Cruise down the Mekong

Why travelling down the mighty Mekong on a Cambodia to Vietnam river cruise is a journey you’ll never forget.

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Why an Angkor Wat sunrise tour is absolutely worth it

Is an Angkor Wat sunrise tour a tourist cliche or worth doing? There’s more than one reason why so many tourists in Cambodia can be found here.

Only Female Mosquitoes Suck Blood

I’ve always loved the line “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night in bed with a mosquito.”

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