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British Airways’ New 777-300ER Planes for Australian Route

High tea, high fashion, flying high… it’s been that kind of morning as British Airways launched their Australian route update with a special event on board their new Boeing 777-300ER.

British model Georgia May Jagger strutted the catwalk / airline aisles in a gorgeous PPQ frock as we sipped Tattinger and nibbled on high tea from the Langham Sydney…. a hard start to the day, but someone had to go check it out.

Now before you get too excited and look forward to high tea in the skies, I should point out this was a special treat for the launch of British Airways’ new planes. As were the bunches of roses and the birdcages (can’t you just imagine take off and landing with bird cages flapping around above you?). It’s a shame that the logistics work against keeping them because they were gorgeous, but safety first!

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While I’m yet to fly on one, I’m told the 777-300ERs are an absolute pleasure to take to the skies in. (And yes, I was told that by people who don’t work for the airline).

We enjoyed our high tea / high fashion moment in Business Class which has 56 seats in a single large cabin. None of this Upstairs Downstairs thing anymore.

The forwards / backwards style seats aren’t for everyone. In fact, it wasn’t for the person beside me who was facing backwards against the window while I was happily facing forwards on the aisle.

But that said, I reckon I’d be quite okay in my little backwards facing pod, happily choosing between more than 200 TV shows and around 70 movies as I jetted through the skies.

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After savouring cake as models strutted in the aisles, I decided to explore the pointy end of the plane and of course immediately fell in love with First Class. I do love a flat bed, and how cute is this individual wardrobe?

Not wanting to stop there I kept on moving forward to take a look at the cockpit. Something that’s sadly very hard to do in the skies these days, and is always fun. Having recently taken the controls to fly a Boeing (okay okay, a simulator at Sydney’s Darling Harbour) I felt right at home. Although I’ll admit I may need a few more lessons before I take a real one for a spin.

Stepping towards the back of the plane I was pleased to see Premium Economy is looking quite generous, and while Economy seats always look a bit scary after lounging in Business Class, I’m told they’ve got the latest in comfy seats to make a long haul flight more bearable.

The new 777-300ERs start flying from Sydney to London via Singapore this month. To celebrate, BA is putting on a range of specials including Sydney to London for $1777 return. To find out more or to treat yourself to a UK adventure go to British Airways’ website.

As for me… I’m going to dream of my own return trip to London this year. In the meantime I reckon it’s about time for another cup of tea. And maybe a little cake.

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