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Antarctica’s Beautiful Cold Light of Day: a One Ocean experience

When you dream of doing something your entire life there is a danger you could be disappointed if that fantasy becomes a reality. Perhaps it won’t be as big, as impressive, as incredible as you’d always imagined it would be.

Having recently returned from Antarctica I now know that I was never going to have that problem with the seventh continent. While I may have a fertile imagination nothing can compare to actually being there; to seeing, feeling, and breathing in this incredible part of the world.

I’m yet to write my feature post about the experience, but having just finished a video from my time there I’m too excited to wait before I share it.

This is only my second attempt at creating a video, and I still have so much to learn (I also clearly need to work on keeping a steadier camera, though that can be tough when you’re bouncing around in a zodiac!).

The video has been made with footage I took on a GoPro Hero4 Black (one of oh so many GoPros that were out and about in Antarctica… it’s such a great place for them), as well as on my Canon EOS 600D, with a little iPhone in the mix.

And I’ve set the vision to a track I love, Cold Light of Day by Pegasus featuring the gorgeous diva Katherine Ellis. It’s a track that can be found on Freemasons’ Shakedown 3, and one I often listened to in my One Ocean Expeditions cabin on the Russian icebreaker Akademik Ioffe.

But enough talk for now, time to enjoy the ice, whales, seals and penguins, including one penguin that looks like it’s headed to a snowball fight, and a humpback that gave us a wonderful fright by popping up in front of our zodiac when we had no idea it was around. Here we go….

Amanda Woods travelled on Akademik Ioffe as a guest of One Ocean Expeditions but all thoughts and opinions remain her own.

Thank you to GoPro for the opportunity to use one of their Hero4 Blacks.

Thank you to Pegasus and Katherine Ellis for such a beautiful track. You can check out more of their work on Freemasons’ channel here and find out more about Katherine Ellis on the diva’s website.

Heading to Antarctica via Ushuaia? Check out my Ushuaia for Beginners guide.

You can also find out what it’s like to fly over Antarctica on one of the Antarctica Flights out of Australia.

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  1. Great video darling! Love all of the seal footage 😀 And perfect choice for music too. How did you get the underwater footage? Absolutely loved the ending shot too.

    • Oh thank you gorgeous! How great is the music? I had that track in my head so many times in the zodiacs. Underwater was with the GoPro. There was lots of guess work, and times when I had no idea there was a whale in the shot until after I checked the video back on the ship. Then there were times when the whales made themselves very very obvious in a wonderful way. Or gave us a real fright like the one that comes up in front of the zodiac. We had no idea there was a whale around us when it just popped up in front. Amazing.

  2. Amazing!!!! Love it Amanda. I do want to go there now after seeing this. Incredibly beautiful footage and fabulous song. Love love love. Well done ❤️

    • Thank you! I’m so glad it’s captured part of the magic and that it’s inspired you to go down there too. I already want to go back and I’ve barely unpacked! Also really want to do the Arctic again now. Ice ice baby….

  3. Peyton says

    oh WOW!!!!!!!! Just stunning. Well done you! The video is incredible. Great choice of song. I’m sure Katherine will love it too. What an extraordinary and exceptional adventure that must have been. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thank you! I loved using that track, and even though it took forever and a day to go through all of the video I took there, it was so wonderful to relive it. I’m going to share some raw footage soon too so we have more icy love, whale action and “Penguin on way to a snowball fight”

  4. Amanda. I have goosebumps! Watched it up BIG with my music up loud, so so amazing. I’m posting this on my facey page. So bloody awesome! Cannot wait to see your photos and hear the rest of the story. Breathtaking.

    • Yay! Thank you…. it’s a great track to play really loud and soak up the images with. Looking forward to sharing the rest of the story soon 🙂

  5. Cate Faehrmann says

    Beautiful video Amanda. And fab track to use. Nice one. Can’t wait til you start doing more of those! xx

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