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Adventures in Starting a Blog

Ah, the first post. Where I should probably lay out a bit of a plan as to what I’d like to do with this little blog of mine, and why I’m bothering to take up another page on the inter-web. Why am I starting a blog?

Well, it’s simple really. I’m in the mood for an online adventure. And not the kind that ends with me meeting a Nigerian in a dark alley with my bank account details, or purchasing a Russian husband (mind you, are they even for sale, or is it just brides?).

Which is why I’ve called my blog Adventures All Around. It could also be Adventure’s All Around, and I did toy with whether to include the apostrophe. After all, I do believe that adventure IS all around. But I’m also having adventures all around town, so I’m going to stick with that one.

Now when I say adventures, I don’t mean leaping off tall buildings or being dropped by a helicopter into the wilds and going all Bear Grylls as I eat my way out. Although that could be fun.

I want to celebrate the little adventures in life, which put an extra spring in my step and feed my spirit. The quirky little things that I haven’t seen or done before.

I could go on – in fact, originally I did, but I just pressed delete on a paragraph – as I want the blog to have a life of its own, so now is not the time to set parameters. Now’s the time to enjoy adventures in blogging.

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