Sydney Opera House at Vivid Festival, picture courtesy Destination NSW

Best Hotels for Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

I don’t want to suggest that Sydney people are overly affected by the seasons, but it’s fair to say that the streets get quieter in winter. Compared to other parts of the world our winters are very mild, but we’re still harder to tempt out of the house when the temperatures drop. Which is whyRead More

Rosemarie Milsom, Newcastle Writers Festival Director

Rosemarie Milsom, Newcastle Writers Festival: Ten Questions

A couple of years ago there was no such thing as a writers festival in Newcastle. Now that has well and truly changed thanks to Rosemarie Milsom. The director of the festival turned her dream into a reality with the inaugural event last year, and is now in the throes of preparing for the secondRead More

Ace Hotel Palm Springs during Coachella

Ace Hotel Palm Springs for Coachella review

It may seem like my first Coachella was only yesterday, but somehow it’s that time of year again… time for music lovers to go back to the desert for one of the greatest festivals on the planet. Where to stay can be a bit of a challenge. For my friends and I last year TheRead More

Floriade Canberra

Floriade Flower Bombs Canberra

When it comes to songs you don’t want stuck in your head, Tiptoe Through the Tulips has to be up there on the list. But I have to say when you’re surrounded by 78 kinds of tulips at Canberra’s Floriade, it can be a hard one to shake. Recently I headed down to Canberra forRead More

Helen Keller's Home

Helen Keller Home and Festival, Alabama

“Helen Keller was famous – she was like Angelina Jolie.” The comment makes me do a double take – is she serious? But one look at the guide’s face and I realise she is trying to make a valid point. The guides here at Helen Keller’s house in Tuscumbia, Alabama, are passionate about the womanRead More

Vivid Festival Sydney

Sydney’s Vivid Festival Lights – Winter Magic

Confession – I can’t remember who first came up with the idea for Vivid Sydney, but what a stroke of genius to have a festival in winter that gets us locals out of the house and brings the tourists into the city. It can be hard to get me out on a Saturday night (oneRead More