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Win $250 worth of Logitech iPhone Accessories

… This post is brought to you by Logitech…

Every now and again something comes into your life that changes the way you travel, and pretty soon you can’t imagine going on a trip without it. A few months ago I was introduced to Logitech’s UE Boom and it was love at first sight (and not just because it matched my manicured blues perfectly).

This portable speaker is shock proof, waterproof, and stain proof. So much so that at the launch we watched a video where it was being put through its paces by having coffee and honey poured all over it to show that it could then be rinsed clean. Personally I haven’t tried this myself. Nor have I tried dropping it just to watch it bounce or spraying it with a fireman’s hose (another little test that the Logitech folk put the UE Boom through).

What I have done is travel with it, and after our first road trip to Bathurst together I knew I would always find room in my suitcase for this little gem. It sounds great, can fill a room (or a suite, or a cabin) with my favourite tunes and can keep on belting them out for 15 hours before it needs to be recharged.

We’ve now cruised through the fjords of Norway, soaked up the sun in the South Pacific and chilled in Hawaii, and I look forward to many more adventures together.

On my most recent trip to Hawaii I found myself becoming addicted to another Logitech product, their illuminated Bluetooth Easy Switch Keyboard K811.

I’ve long found it a frustrating irony that you can’t touch type on a touch screen, which has slowed me down considerably on my iPad when trying to write a story, or an email, or any old thing really.  I have had other external keyboards for my iPad but as they were the same size as the tablet their keys were a little cramped in space and so my fingers couldn’t fly as quickly as they wanted to.

Then I had the chance to try the Easy Switch K811 keyboard and my fingers sang. Not only were the keys properly spaced, I was able to assign my iPad and iPhone to different function keys and, as the name would suggest, easily switch back and forth between them. There’s even room to add my Apple TV when I’m at home. Yes, I may have looked a little strange as I drank my mimosa at the airport and tapped away on an external keyboard, but I think I also looked happy.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K811

Now Logitech have filled me in on some of their other accessories, and the fun thing for you my lovely readers is they’ve also given me some to give away. To you.

We all know how frustrating it is to run low on battery power on your phone when you’re travelling… or even when you’re out and about in your hometown. Lord knows my iPhone charger has been a regular feature in my own handbag.

Logitech’s case+energy is a nifty little battery pack that looks like a phone case. It more than doubles the battery power for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and looks pretty sweet while it’s doing it.

When it’s time for a road trip, Logitech’s case+drive doesn’t need to call shotgun to save a spot up the front. This modern mount easily sticks to the windshield or dashboard so you can see maps or messages when you need them.

And for those times when you don’t need extra battery power or to attach your phone to your car, there’s the Logitech case+tilt. This slim line leather case protects your phone, gives you a little tilt into a kickstand when you need it, and can even attach to metal surfaces for when you want to turn your iPhone into a high tech fridge magnet.

All of the cases work with iPhone 5 and iPhone5s and I have one of each to give away to one lucky reader.

Yes, you can win almost $250 worth of Logitech iPhone accessories. That’s a case+energy (RRP $119.95), case+drive (RRP $69.95) and leather case+tilt ($59.95) to give away to one lucky reader. That adds up to $249.85 worth of Logitech love.

To win, all you have to do is head to the comments section below and tell me in 25 words or less about a time when your phone ran out of battery and you wished you could have magically given it more power.

The competition is open to Australian residents only, closes at 5pm AEST on Sunday 23rd of March, and you can enter once a day.  

And the winner is… Shannon Rolfi

This post was brought to you by Logitech but as usual all thoughts and opinions remain my own

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  1. On holiday I was driving to Queenstown in the snow. My battery died and I certainly felt alone in the wilderness.

  2. Andrew Balint says

    Picture it. A stunning sunny Sydney morning on board the Manly ferry. But running 75 minutes late to meet my incredibly punctual parents! Abracadabra

  3. My phone is my hub of entertainment – music, games, TV, Facebook, and communication. A flat battery on a fifteen hour trip from Sydney to Gold Coast made one VERY long and boring trip!

  4. Siang Lim says

    The one day I forget to charge my phone, the car decides to break down. I was number 3 in the queue.

  5. Low Power Girl says

    It happens so often it’s hard to pick just one! I’m like you and always have a charger in my handbag.

  6. First time in Paris, standing in front of the Eiffel tower ready for a pic and my battery dies

  7. Cameron McCool says

    Wished my phone magically had more battery when I got lost in the backcountry while skiing in Whistler. Utterly terrifying. Lesson learned. And hope to make it a case of NEVER AGAIN! Awesome comp Amanda. Thanks for the opp 🙂

  8. Hanging washing & slammed the door shut, we were locked outside i had to take 2 kids to the neighbours house down the street.

  9. Shannon Rolfi says

    On a 16 hour plane flight with a crashed in-flight entertainment system reading my favourite ebook when the battery died after just 2 hours.

  10. Rohani says

    When it was pouring down with rain at night and I couldn’t find a cab, had intended to use a “Call me anytime” friend option

  11. David Teoh says

    When I was using it as a GPS in the middle of regional Victoria and the sun was going down – wolf creek anyone?

  12. G Nelson says

    When I got stuck in a wall cavity and couldn’t get out. Oh wait that was Sheldon.

  13. Delia Burrage says

    Meeting a friend at the theatre, my phone died and all I had to save me was a prior arrangement and my eyes. Old school!

  14. Jade O'shea says

    Bushwalking in the Grampians, stupid me tripped and sprained my ankle, not only was my phone flat my mates was out of service!

  15. Benjamin Travia says

    My sister’s wedding last Friday. Although many people captured many photos, I lost the opportunity to retain my own photographic memories.

  16. Jane Whelan says

    Just before Christmas when l was trying to find out information about a fatal truck accident we saw on Facebook and the news.that may have involved my daughters partner. It turned out to be the worst news of all. So frustrating when you trying to contact them and authorities.

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