Window in Sydney's QVB

Sydney’s QVB more than a Shopping Gem

For many who work in the city of Sydney, the QVB is something they walk past, or under, or through almost every day. For tourists, it’s a pretty building with nice shops. But there’s more to this old dame than meets the eye. After years of using her as a thoroughfare myself, I’ve recently startedRead More

Harry Potter Exhibition

Harry Potter Exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

A few months ago I popped along to a preview of the Harry Potter exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. At the time they had Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom, and a few of the pieces from the exhibition to whet our appetite.It’s fair to say I’ve been looking forward to the exhibition opening, andRead More

Sydney's Big Red Double Decker Bus Tours

Sydney Big Red Bus Tour on Double Decker Bus

Over the years I’ve travelled on many a Big Red Bus tour in cities around the world. My first was in New York, and after I got over the cringe factor of being such an obvious tourist, I discovered they’re a great way to get to know the layout of the city, and pick upRead More

Ringing the Changes in Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral

I have a friend who prides himself on knowing pretty much all there is to do in Sydney. And may I say, he’s right to be proud. He usually does. Which is why I was as shocked as he was when I did something this week that he didn’t know about. On Sunday morning, myRead More

ABBA World at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

When I saw this sign in the Powerhouse Museum I laughed out loud. Oh, how right you are, blogger Vamstad. And how great it is to spend an afternoon exploring an exhibition that embraces that fact. I actually let out a small squeal when I saw what was waiting to greet guests upon arrival atRead More

Dressing Up Sydney Statues

So there I was, catching the same bus that I’d caught for the past three weeks, going past the same view, seeing the same pedestrian sorts of pedestrians outside the window; when something caught my eye and snapped me out of my mini daze. Something that made my head swivel, my heart leap, and myRead More