Stunning European Destinations for Your Travel Wish List

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With so many places in the world to visit, how do you choose where to head to next?

The European continent has so many fascinating, historical and culturally diverse cities and towns to explore. It can be hard to narrow it down so you aren’t simply rushing from one destination to next. Here are a few stunning places to put right up the top of your European wish list.


Prague, with its picturesque bridges and historic Old Town, is a must for the bucket list. You can visit the largest ancient castle in the world with the impressive Prague Castle dating back to the ninth century.

Get lost in this beautiful city and wander the streets, or have a memorable night out in one of its many bars. Many tour companies such as Albatross Tours make Prague a stop on their European trips; you can click here to check out their itineraries for the city.

Beautiful Prague, image courtesy Albatross Tours


Stockholm is a striking city that combines beauty and tranquility with a lively cultural life. Take a cruise between the islands of the archipelago and admire the city’s beautiful bridges and architecture.

Just outside of the capital are beautiful, well-preserved palaces that are worth the journey. Or enjoy the culture on offer in the city and visit the Royal Swedish Opera with its opulent interiors and world-class performances.


This Spanish city, located in the country’s south, is a gem of a holiday destination and filled with cultural and historical attractions. Journey to the Alhambra (meaning ‘Red Castle’ in Arabic), a palace and fortress establishment built by the Moors, wander amongst the Arab architecture of the Generalife Gardens, and visit the beautifully intricate Granada Cathedral. At night, feast on tapas of all varieties and sip on some deliciously refreshing sangria.

Alhambra Palace, Granada, image courtesy Albatross Tours


Moscow is a truly entrancing European destination, often forgotten on trips to the continent. The historic city is home to mind-blowing architecture, such as the spectacular St. Basil’s Cathedral. Discover Russian culture, walk through the Red Square and take in all the amazing buildings that are everywhere you look.

Take a moment to indulge in Russia’s national drink at the Museum of Vodka. It’s best to enjoy Russia on a guided tour, both to keep you informed of the country’s rich history and to help you navigate the customs and city safely.


Discover Estonia and its fascinating capital, Tallinn. A clashing mix of modern and medieval architecture, this intriguing city has much to offer. Visit its fairy-tale like old town or have an amazing meal on the cheap at one of its many restaurants. Pay tribute to the history of Tallinn, occupied both by the Nazis and the Soviets with a trip to the informative Museum of Occupations.

Which European destinations make your bucket list? Are you chasing historic architecture, culturally vibrant cities or a peaceful and pretty getaway? Share your dream destinations below and keep reading for even more holiday inspiration.

This post is brought to you by Albatross Tours with guest author Kimberly Veart

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