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Souvenir Clogs in Amsterdam

Almost every country has one. Sometimes more than one. That cliched souvenir that people can put in their case and take on home either as a momento for themselves or as a gift for a loved one.

In Amsterdam, Wooden Clogs seem to have the market cornered. Well, that and a range of gifts along the hilarious wacky tobacky line.

While I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the above, I did love looking at the colourful clogs all lined up, waiting to be taken to a far flung corner of the globe.

So here we have a simple snap as a nod to these uncomfortable looking but oh so pretty shoes, the souvenir clogs. Long may you continue to make people smile.

Souvenir Clogs in Amsterdam

So do tell, have you bought a cliched souvenir on your travels? And if so, how long did it really last on display when you got it home?

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