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Mamma Mia Church, Skopelos

Wednesday already? Well that must mean it’s time for a Hump Day Happy Snap, and I’ve got a gorgeous one for you today. A little taste of the Greek island, Skopelos.

Church Island Skopelos Greece
Church Island Skopelos Greece

I hate to admit that I first saw how stunning Skopelos is when I watched the Mamma Mia movie. I wasn’t a fan of the movie, but I do remember loving the scenery and thinking “I don’t know where that is, but one day I’m going!”

And sure enough I did when my friend Athena decided to have a birthday on this beautiful island.

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Eagle eyed Mamma Mia movie fans will realise this photo shows the rocky outcrop that Meryl Streep sang her way up to a chapel for the wedding. Those who have taken on all of those steps in real life will know two things: 1) there’s no getting a donkey up there 2) the “Mamma Mia church” on top is not the one you see in the movie.

But oh, the views when you get there are worth it.

I’ll one day share the full Skopelos story with you, but today I’ll keep it snappy and snap happy with this one shot. Couldn’t you just sink into that water? I know I wish I was again.

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  1. I never really knew where Mamma Mia was shot, I just know that it’s in Greece. Thanks for this, I now know where to drag the Greek boyfriend on our next holiday. :p