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Embracing iPhone Protective Cases for Fun and Dusty Travel Adventures

… This post has been brought to you by Tech21 …

It was the last time I used a selfie stick, even though it wasn’t the selfie stick’s fault.

I’d just had the most wonderful experience seeing baby pandas being their adorable selves at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China and was rushing back to the front gates to meet my driver so I could head to the airport.

The stick had been very helpful in getting photos of some adorable baby pandas cuddling each other in their sleep, a shot that would otherwise have been next to impossible from my angle, but I hadn’t put the stick or my phone away properly as I started to make my exit.

What happened next is all a bit of a blur but I remember the phone being bumped and coming out of the holder and heading towards the concrete path in what seemed like slow motion.

I did have a case on the phone, a nice looking silver one that also held credit cards on the back. Perfect for when I was going out.

Not so perfect for when it was hitting the ground it turned out as not only did a large piece of the case crack and come out, my phone screen was smashed.

After the initial Aaaargh I consoled myself that I had travel insurance. But as I realised when I got home my excess would cost about the same as paying for a new screen anyway, so I was better off just paying. And getting a new case.

Staying Sleek with an iPhone Protective Case

When I finally treated myself to a new iPhone 6s I love love loved the way it felt so sleek in my hand without a case.

But as tempted as I was to go without iPhone protection we all know they’re slippery little suckers when they’re case free and just too easy to drop.

Then along came my first Evo Mesh case.

This number from the team at tech21 uses something they call FlexShock™ which is a material that’s built for absorbing and dissipating impact force, breaking up the force of that impact before it breaks up your device.

Because it’s so flexible tech21 cases can be 30% thinner and 60% lighter than other iPhone protective cases. And yes, they also make them for Samsungs and Motorolas and iPhone 7s as well.

Evo Mesh iPhone protective case, image courtesy tech21

They’re also working with the UK’s largest applied physics organisation, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London and have invested in a new research and development facility at the NPL to find ways to improve iPhone protective cases even further.

I’ve been using my case for months now and while I’m told I could now drop my phone from up to 2 metres and she would be safe, so far our travels together have been incident free.

But while I can’t report back on what happens when she takes a tumble, I can say that I love the way she feels. Still super iPhone slim in my hand but with a good grip to help keep her there.

Happy Dusty Times with iPhone Protective Cases

While the Evo Mesh is perfect for everyday use, when things get intense and dusty and the likelihood of being dropped from a height onto a hard surface increases, there’s another case to have in your arsenal.

The Evo Tactical XT offers impact protection from drops of up to 4 metres (that’s 13 feet for those who speak Imperial).

It also has something I so wish I’d had at Burning Man last year…. Dust protection.

My low key iPhone dust protection system

While one of the great things about Burning Man is unplugging from the world, there were times when I wanted the Burning Man app, which is great for helping you find that amazing camp you’ve heard about or the nearest toilet. Super helpful late at night when you’re on the playa, looking for a little blue toilet light when there are so many other lights zipping by.

But as that super fine playa dust can play havoc with phones, I kept mine in a zip lock bag for the week. That worked really well for the most part as I could use the app through the sealed plastic bag. But it wasn’t ideal when I wanted to take photos.

For the most part I decided just to breathe in what was happening around me and not worry about photos, but there were times when I just had to take a snapshot so I would quickly get out the phone, snap, and zip it back up again.

Next time I’ll have my iPhone suited up in the Evo Tactical XT and we can get dusty together.

 phone in Evo Tactical XT iPhone protective case  covered in dust

And while I have no intention of dropping my phone off an art car early one morning, you never know what’s going to happen at Burning Man, so it’s good to know about the 4 metre drop.

As tempting as it is to climb onto the roof of my house and drop my phone onto the front path below, I’m going to go another way and share a video of these guys testing that theory instead…

Okay, I’ll admit it. Even though I know it’s going to work, I’d still find it so hard to let my phone drop off the side of a balcony!

So I still won’t be rushing to follow their example. But I also won’t be having heart palpitations the next time someone knocks my phone out of my hands.

Maybe it’s time to bring that selfie stick back after all.

This post has been brought to you by tech21.

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