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Five Great Coastal Bike Rides Around the World

… This is a guest post by Denise Nelson of MountainbikeEZ …

I love vacationing on the coast as much as I love mountain biking destinations! Sometimes I just need a relaxing time spent on the beach with fantastic ocean scenery, and can you blame me when the water is crystal blue?

I always bring my hand-built mountain bike when I vacation on the coastline, and here are my top five places to go.

1: Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo Island, Australia

Australia is a beautiful biking destination anywhere on the coast, but the Southern Ocean Lodge has one of the best beaches in Australia. I always bike from the lodge and through the vast grounds until I get to the shore, which never disappoints.

The beach is clean, fresh, and most of all, quiet. I love walking along the shore and watching the sunset and sunrise. I’ve actually gone on a late-night ride, and instead of returning to my room, I slept on the beach. I laid down on my towel and woke just in time to see the sunrise.

Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, image courtesy Southern Ocean Lodge

2: Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands

The beautiful white sand gets me excited every time I visit Peter Island. This is a private island in the British Virgin Islands that has the best beach and fresh ocean smell in my opinion. This island has incredible hiking and biking trails that make this my favorite destination.

I love waking early and making my way to the crystal-clear shore where I am left to myself and start biking along the coast until I make my way to one of the bike trails. I love the exotic flora and fauna on this island. The landscape is breathtaking, and I always feel like I’m the only one on the island most of the time.

3: Costa Alegre in Mexico

It is an underdeveloped piece of Mexican coastline that has immeasurable beauty and warm, deserted beaches. Costa Alegre is deemed one of the best coastal destinations, for a good reason, and known for its VIP communities and resorts. I love biking from my lodging, through the bushes and dirt roads until I reach the beach. Then I find the bike along the shore relaxing.

Aside from the resorts and VIPs that show up, I enjoyed biking along the coast of bright, white sandy beaches and watching as the cold blue waters rushed around my tires. The beaches are usually quiet, and I often found myself whisked away in my own world. The view is spectacular, and I would ride on the beach for hours as the waves slowly flowed in and out of the beach.

4: Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in Western Cape, South Africa

This luxury, five star resort is set right off the coast and provides all the needs and desires a luxury resort can, but I still prefer getting out to the beach. The Grootbos Private Nature Reserve offers private rooms with little gardens and pools with views of the beautiful shore. Sunsets and sunrises are a must to watch from the outside area.

I loved watching the sunrise from my private room before I escaped down to the beach to get my bike onto the Klipgat Beach. I loved the unique beach scenery of this location with its rocky shores, crystal clear waters, and a fantastic view of the ocean stretched out before me. It’s more challenging to bike on, but I love the challenging adventure!

5: Cannon Beach in Clatsop County, Oregon

Cannon Beach is a fabulous coastal destination to visit with a unique beachscape. The dark, sandy beach with dark blue waters flowing in around large rock formations that stick out of the water. In the early or late hours, I found solitude along the shore and rode along as the water rolled in over the rocks.

Watching the sunrise and sunset in this location gave me an experience I only dreamt about. There is a small town nearby that I stayed in and stores where I stocked up on goods. I loved the friendliness of the town and how quick they were to invite me to a campfire on the beach!

Coastal destinations are some of the best vacations for relaxing and surprisingly, mountain biking. You might not think of combining a holiday with mountain biking, but it’s the perfect combination. Go biking in the early morning or mid-afternoon, and once you get back, the beach is ideal for relaxing and swimming.

I love bringing my mountain bike with me, even if there aren’t any trails around to ride because my mountain bike can handle brush and off-road conditions. Having my mountain bike with me takes the difficulty of finding a bike to use for exploration out of the equation! Hopefully, my destinations will help you plan your next trip!

This has been a guest post by Denise Nelson of MountainbikeEZ

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Southern Ocean Lodge is a top spot to borrow a bike and go cycling, image courtesy Southern Ocean Lodge