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Emily Pressnel from BridgeClimb Sydney: Ten Questions

Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge is an unforgettable experience, made all the more memorable by some of their wonderful guides. Here Emily Pressnel, the BridgeClimb Sydney guide I was lucky enough to do an Express Climb with, takes time out of scaling an international icon to answer Ten Questions…

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to climb the world’s greatest steel arch bridge, over the world’s most beautiful harbour, and share it with exciting and interesting people – several times a day!

 If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?

Nothing – if anything, I wish I could be up there more!

What’s something about your role that you wish people understood?

I’ll let you into a secret – we’re not as fit as you think we are! We climb the bridge up to three times a day, but we don’t rush the experience, so it’s not the workout people fear it might be!

What’s your favourite thing to do on your day off?

Go swimming! Looking down on the glittering waters of Sydney Harbour from the bridge on a sunny day makes me crave the beach or pool on my days off.

What’s a cheap and cheerful food secret you (usually) only tell your friends?

There’s a little place in a foodcourt in Chinatown that does the biggest and best bowls of Laksa I’ve ever tasted, for less than $10. You could feed three people on that portion size!

If money was no object, where would you go for lunch or dinner?

If money was no object, I would charter a yacht and have it sail underneath the bridge at sunset, with a private chef to prepare a seafood platter.

Where do you take a friend when they come to visit?

On a BridgeClimb, of course! My favourite type of climb is a twilight Discovery Climb. There’s something pretty cool about seeing the sun set through the arch.

What’s the best shopping experience in town?

Sydney has some great markets. I love the ones at Rozelle and Balmain on a weekend, and I also enjoy a visit to the shops on King Street in Newtown.

Is there a local tourist cliché that’s actually worth doing?

There’s a reason so many people climb with us. You haven’t really seen Sydney until you’ve seen it from the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Is there a tourist attraction nearby that you can’t believe you still haven’t visited yourself?

Yes – Luna Park. I see it nearly every day from the top of the bridge, and it’s probably only a 15 minute walk away from work, yet I’ve never been!

Amanda met Emily when she was her guide on the BridgeClimb Sydney‘s Express Climb. You can read more about her Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb experience here.

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  1. Hehe you know I still haven’t done this! I really need to get my bottom into gear and try it once.

    • No way! And here I thought you’d done it all 🙂

      Yes, you must slap yourself and book onto a climb as soon as you can. It really is a Sydney tourist cliche worth doing.