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Cats of Skopelos, Greece: Hump Day Happy Snap

Today’s Hump Day Happy Snap is one for the cat lovers amongst us… and for those out there who have ever gone on a holiday to Greece and come back with hundreds of kitty photos.


Cat Skopelos, Greece

One of the cats of Skopelos, Greece

I have oh so many photos of cats from my most recent trip to Greece… cats on whitewashed streets, cats hanging out in restaurants, cats in / on / under our villa. If anyone found my camera I’d have to forgive them for thinking I was a crazy cat lady.

Today’s snap is one of my favourites… taken on the Greek Island of Skopelos, in a jewellery store where I bought a gorgeous necklace. Just one of the beautiful cats of Skopelos.

Happy Hump Day! Purrrrrrr……


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  1. Matthewqf says

    Gorgeous Kitty!

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  3. What a cute kitty! By the way, anyone that protests about being a crazy cat lady IS a crazy cat lady, sorry to inform you. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

  4. Ahh, he is beautiful.

    I used to take photos of all of the cats on my adventures, too.

    Looking back, they are all Tabbies of the same colours! ( And I have one just like them)

    • Love it… and glad I’m not the only one. I had to laugh when I saw how many I’d taken. And one of them funnily enough looks just like the cat I recently adopted from a rescue programme. I had no idea until I was going through my Greece snaps the other day and realised how uncannily alike they look.