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HMAS Vampire in Sydney

HMAS Vampire at Sydney Maritime Museum

Between your Twilights and your True Bloods, and pretty much half of the young adult literature in bookstores these days, there’s no doubt vampires are

Sydney's Shark Island

Shark Island, Sydney Harbour

You know how looking at some photos just fills you with good memories and makes you happy? That’s how I feel whenever I look at

Floriade Canberra

Floriade Flower Bombs Canberra

When it comes to songs you don’t want stuck in your head, Tiptoe Through the Tulips has to be up there on the list. But

Photography lesson, Sydney

Sydney Photography Lesson with Arribaa

Recently some friends and I did a Social Media and Philosophy course through Sydney University’s CCE. We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot, including

NSW Mounted Police Tours

NSW Mounted Police Tours

Here’s one for trivia night: where will you find the oldest continuous Mounted Police Unit in the world? If you answered New South Wales, Australia,

Snowmobiles at the ready for the snowmobile tour at Falls Creek ski fields, Victoria

Falls Creek Snowmobile Tours

Hate is strong word. Which is why I say instead that I really, really don’t like ski boots. Really. And unfortunately those clunky uncomfortable things are

Tamworth Shopping

Tamworth Shopping, a Tale of Two Rabbits

This is a tale of two Tamworth rabbits. A White Rabbit, which is found at one end of Peel Street, and a Black Rabbit which

Vivid Festival Sydney

Sydney’s Vivid Festival Lights – Winter Magic

Confession – I can’t remember who first came up with the idea for Vivid Sydney, but what a stroke of genius to have a festival