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Travel Insurance and checking your policy

Every now and again those niggling “I’d better check that out” feelings pay off. And so it was that I discovered just a few days before heading to Europe on holiday that my travel insurance was not all that I expected it to be.

You see, I’ve been getting the annual multi-trip travel insurance cover with Columbus Direct for a few years now. I’ve never had to claim, which goes with my theory that the great thing about insurance is that if you have it, you usually don’t need it.

As I’m heading to Greece, where they’re a little strike happy lately, that niggling feeling has been telling me that it’s best to check if I’d be covered if a strike broke out, stopping me from catching my plane / train / ferry / bus – all of which I’ll be using to make my way around the country.

I assumed I would be covered, but considering how quickly travel insurance companies said, “Oh, sorry – you’re covered for delays unless they involve volcanic ash” to customers recently, I thought best to check it out.


Which is when I discovered that according to Columbus Direct, I would only be given an allowance of up to $500 to cover strike and so on, AND only for the bit of my journey where I’m travelling from Sydney to Athens and back.

So not any of the bits where I’m…. oh, what’s the word, yes, TRAVELLING around Greece.

So strange… I always thought travel insurance covered travelling. Not just getting to and from the country I’m about to explore.

And even then, I’d love to know where I can pick up a last minute one way airfare from Athens to Sydney with a night (or two, or three) in a hotel for under $500.

Needless to say, I looked for another insurer, and am now feeling safe and secure with NRMA who are offering me an unlimited budget for cancelled or delayed travel, including getting around Greece itself.

Sure, the three weeks in Europe with NRMA cost roughly the same as the full year’s mutli trip cover with Columbus Direct, but I go safe in the knowledge that I’ll have a much better sense of humour about any strike that interferes with my trip, knowing that it won’t be burning a hole in my bank account.

And knowing that now I have the right insurance, I probably won’t need it.

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