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Daleks at Music Festivals

One of my earliest memories is hiding behind the couch when the Daleks came on Doctor Who. I’m not quite sure how a bit of wood and a few cushions was going to protect me from a race that battled it out in a Time War. But it felt pretty safe behind there at the time, and all I knew was they scared me and I had to hide.

I wonder what that Mini Me would have thought if I could have shown her a clip of the woman she’d become, embracing an inflatable Dalek like a long lost friend at a music festival?

I loved the Dr Who theme even when I was very small. So Mini Me probably would have been fine with the sight of Grown Up Me dancing with a huge grin on her face to Orbital’s mix of the Dr Who theme at the Playground Weekender festival.

Bouncing up and down as the Dr Who theme hit its crescendo, with plastic Daleks being thrown in the air goes down as one of my all time festival highlights.

Well, today on the other side of the world the Daleks have had their fun again, but this time on a far more civilized stage – in the Royal Albert Hall no less.

I’m gutted to know that I’ve missed out on the chance to attend the Dr Who Prom in London (when oh when will I have a private jet on standby for these things?).

Daleks and Cybermen on stage with a full orchestra? Heaven! And throwing Matt Smith and David Tennant in the mix takes it to a whole other level.

Ah well. I’ll take solace in the fact that Sydney is an incredible city to live in, and remember that I got to dance in a field under the stars with the Daleks just a few months ago.

Which is worth coming out from behind the couch for.