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Adventures in Writing a Musical

No, not me. And trust me, that’s for the best. This is about going to see a musical about writing a musical, which is when musical lovers go, “Title of Show? Saw it in New York.”

Well, I’m not a musical buff and have clearly been living under a musical rock, because I hadn’t heard of it, and only just saw it in Sydney.
What makes going to see Title of Show an adventure for me is I’m very hit and miss when it comes to musicals. Sure, there are some I love to bits and know every word of, such as Rocky Horror and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical.
But for every musical I’ve loved there’s been at least one where I’ve been bored to tears or snuck out at interval. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “Oh do you have to sing about every little thing?!” and wanted to slap someone.
So with that in mind I was a little concerned when I heard Title of Show is full of in jokes for people who know their musical history. But I liked the idea of a musical about writing a musical. It appealed to my sense of the absurd. So I called my friend Richard, and we suited up for a night at the Seymour Centre.
This is probably a good time to explain that I prefer to see plays and movies and read books knowing as little as possible. If a friend recommends a book, I won’t even read the back cover because I like to go in blind. So I didn’t read up on Title Of Show before I went in, and I loved watching the whole adventure unfold in front of me.
Clearly it became a musical, because I was watching it. But did they get into the festival, or just stage it for themselves after being rejected? Did they ever meet any of their heroes? Did they stay friends when the ride was over? Were they going to keep writing up until what they ate for dinner that very evening in Sydney?
I’m not going to answer any of those questions, but I highly recommend anyone and everyone go along to find out for themselves.
Yes, there were a few musical jokes that involved people I didn’t know about. But it didn’t matter. They were funny whether the person they were talking about was real, or a figment of their imagination.
The characters were just wonderful – the kind of people the world is all the richer for having. (And I’m not just saying that because my own friends text great drag queen names to each other). And the actors nailed it.
If you’re in Sydney at all between now and the 7th of August, snap up a ticket to Title of Show at the Seymour Centre. I may just see you there for seconds.