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Los Angeles: Travel Tips for Falling in Love with LA

… This post is brought to you by Emirates … When I think of Emirates destinations like Dubai, London and Sydney are the first to spring to mind. But with more than 3,000 flights out of Dubai every week the airline does of course go to quite a few other places around the world, includingRead More

Ace Hotel Palm Springs during Coachella

Ace Hotel Palm Springs for Coachella review

It may seem like my first Coachella was only yesterday, but somehow it’s that time of year again… time for music lovers to go back to the desert for one of the greatest festivals on the planet. Where to stay can be a bit of a challenge. For my friends and I last year TheRead More

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Little Alabama Zoo That Could

Just outside a small town in Alabama, there’s a little zoo that I fell in love with. A little zoo that you don’t have long to see in it’s original location before it moves to a new home. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo started as an animal park in 1989, but it was in 2004Read More

Drinking Moonshine in an Alabama Juke Joint

There’s a photo I have in my phone from a trip to Alabama that always makes me smile. Well, there’s many actually, but today I’m going to remember this one: Now it all looks very pretty, and relatively innocent. But those who have been to a real Juke Joint will know that the liquid inRead More

Helen Keller's Home

Helen Keller Home and Festival, Alabama

“Helen Keller was famous – she was like Angelina Jolie.” The comment makes me do a double take – is she serious? But one look at the guide’s face and I realise she is trying to make a valid point. The guides here at Helen Keller’s house in Tuscumbia, Alabama, are passionate about the womanRead More